9/11 Memorial in NYC

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While in NY to win the Flight of Philly competition (read about it), I wanted to go see the 9/11 memorial.  On our last morning in NY, we took the hot, stinky subway and headed to where the twin towers used to stand. Walking up to the first waterfall at the 9/11 memorial was breath taking and by that, it literally took my breath away. Read More

Must Have Beach Trip Items

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For our son’s second birthday, we decided to do something a little different and not throw a big party that he wouldn’t even remember.  We decided to make it a joint vacation birthday with his daddy and we loaded the Durango to the roof and headed to Galveston to stay at a beach house, dog and all. Read More

Busy mom’s style

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When I went to Create and Cultivate with my sister a few months ago, I got to meet the beautiful @Caraloren and I was just in awe of her style. I did some Instastalking and found myself double clicking all of the photos because this woman isn’t a fashion model! She is a mom like me! She has two small children and manages to get out of yoga pants and look fab most days! I came up with a game plan in my head. The first thing I had to do was lose like 100 lbs…. lol not really that much, but lose enough to be comfortable in my own skin. Read More

My Whole30 experience before and after 

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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Sierra Bishop and I am Whole30!

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That’s right folks, this cheese loving, tortilla frying, wine guzzling, popcorn obsessed foodie mom went thirty whole days with NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO LEGUMES and NO ALCOHOL! I would like to say how hard it was and how I am stayed up till midnight to drink wine and eat popcorn, but that is not the case. It was challenging, but it wasn’t as “hard” as I thought it was going to be. I was able to get through my birthday, mother’s day, Greek Easter and 2 children’s birthdays, all while on Whole30!
The first two weeks were the “hardest” because my body had to detox all of the sugar, and I felt like I was STARVING……all the time!  I had headaches most mornings, but powered through with lots of black coffee. Once day 20 hit, I was finally feeling good and getting more energy.  I wasn’t as hangry at night like I was in the beginning.
The last week was obviously the easiest because I was kind repeating the motions. I knew what I could eat and it wasn’t so confusing trying to think about it all.  I also got a minor obsession with health food stores and finding new approved items. My good friend Jessica decided to start her Whole30 journey yesterday, and she is pregnant! It’s a prefect time to give up alcohol 😉
She was asking me tips and advice so I figured I would share it all with you as well.
1. It is all about planning as the book says. Plan your date and many of your meals. Plan to spend lots of time in the store to get accustomed to what you can have and what you can’t. Read the book!
2. Follow the rules but don’t obsess. Don’t think about all the things you can’t have, focus on the amazing healthy whole things that you can eat. For example, bacon! Another favorite of mine is prosciutto and melon.  Maybe there are some things you really enjoy but don’t buy often because they are too fatty or costly.  Now is the time to splurge on compliant items because you are saving a lot on all of the other things you cut out.
3. Do it with a spouse or buddy. I had my husband with me until day 24. It was much easier meal planning and shopping when I had someone supporting me. It was also good to have him hungry at night and headachie like I was..  On the other hand, it was really annoying trying to plan it all out for two people and be asked 500 times in the first week what he could eat or listen to him complain about the fact that he was hungry or wanted a beer. I told him to quit like 20 times because I didn’t want to hear it, but he kept on! By the time he ended his journey, I was in so deep that it didn’t phase me that he was drinking a beer or eating a ham and cheese sandwich in front of me. I am still thankful that he started with me!
4. It is worth it! Start your W30 planning how you will celebrate. We are going to one of the top 10 restaurants in Houston (Underbelly) to celebrate our wedding anniversary!  Plan your W30 with an end in sight, knowing that you WILL FINISH! Don’t go into it wondering how it will be, or if you can do it. Be positive, because it isn’t hard! I’m sure that you have done 500 things in your life that were HARD, this isn’t one of them!
I am so thankful that I started this journey and I am so thankful that I finished! I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food during this journey. I also learned so much about the food industry! My preggo friend starting W30 text me yesterday “WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE SUGAR?? Why does all of the bacon have sugar??” I laughed out loud sitting in the spray tan place because that is exactly what I thought and said.  It is just baffling to me how many things have gluten or sugar that you wouldn’t think! My stomach has also shrunk on the inside and I am eating much smaller portions which is great!
I love food and cooking, so taking this journey has really elevated my cooking skills because I wanted to make dishes that were comparable to things we were used to eating.
Going forward I am going to be paleoish.  I am going to have an occasional wine and popcorn at my every whim. On the other hand, I will not go back to all of the packages containing sugar, and luckily I never ate much gluten.  We ate pretty healthy and organic to begin with, but I am going to continue to look more carefully at labels.
I am so proud of my husband and I for doing this together and surviving, still being alive and married! This weekend is our wedding anniversary and I think that we have so much to celebrate! I am also thankful to my mom for giving up alcohol in solidarity with us during our journey.  I also have so many awesome friends and supporters that have called/texted/messaged me and offered words of encouragement and support! And finally, I am thankful to Sarah Z. for giving me the idea and answering my millions of texts/emails with tips and advice! I am excited that I get to be that person for my dear friend Jess on her whole30 pregnant journey!

Now for the before and after pictures. Please remember that I am a goofball and have not been comfortable sharing my half naked body for 4 years…..before kids I was all about it 😉 . I am by no means done. I have a lot of gym time to go, but this Whole30 was my jumping off point. My results are all dedicated to my diet because I did not go to the gym once!  I don’t like working out and really needed that extra self confidence to even put on my workout clothes and go.

I am down 12 lbs. and 2 pant sizes.
we wanted to do my after pics out by my garden which is an awesome source of whole foods!
If this working, crafting, gardening, food and alcohol loving mommy of 2 crazy toddlers can do it, so can you!
lily birthday - sierra whole30-139
Be sure to read my before Whole30 piece.  
Website and images courtesy of Media Bishop.

Create and Cultivate Yourself

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I recently went to a Create and Cultivate conference to watch my amazingly talented sister Reesa. I thought that I was just going to be her tag along but ended up learning so much and it really inspired me to get more into blogging and I had to figure out what my voice was.  I knew that I wanted my website and blog to be mostly about food but it’s also about being a mom, wife, crafter and thrifty person. I love to help people and after 2 kids, many jobs, lots of traveling, dating and living life; I feel that I have learned from my many mistakes and have a lot of good advice to offer. I am very honest and straightforward. If you are looking for a blog that is all rainbows, butterflies and sugar coating…you might want to look somewhere else. If you want an honest opinion on food, how pregnancy stinks, babies, toddler food, being thrifty and dressing a post baby body on a budget… this might be for you. Three important things about me:

I would much rather eat organic shrimp and steak and wear Target sweatpants than shop at Nordstrom’s.

If someone tells me they have a problem or are sick, sick kid, or need anything…. I am going to see how I can help. I will brainstorm on different options on how they can solve their problem. If they don’t take my advice….no sweat off my back. I don’t get butt hurt.

Through high school and college people talked about how it was the best time of their lives. I didn’t get it. I knew that I wanted a husband and kids, and Now, I am living the best time of my life! I love my time home with my amazing husband and 2 smart beautiful little toddlers. I work a full time job getting to talk to high school students about food and I get to cook for them.