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Wonton Ahi Tuna Poke Tacos

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There is one day of the week that we are always ready for, Tuesday.  Tuesdays mean tacos in our house, but we don’t always go for the same old beef tacos.  We have done chicken, pork, shrimp and this week I decided I wanted Tuna! I went to Pinterest to get some ideas and ended up with my own recipe for tuna poke, asian cabbage slaw, and avacocado wasabi slaw.
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Video how to chiffonade

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Cooking isn’t that hard once you learn some simple staple skills. One knife skill I use a lot is the chiffonade. When you chiffonade, you are rolling herbs or leafy greens into a tight roll and then cutting. It makes herbs more presentable and is very easy to do. I use this skill on basil, mint, baby bok choy and more.

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My Whole30 experience before and after 

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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Sierra Bishop and I am Whole30!

lily birthday - sierra whole30-106-Edit

That’s right folks, this cheese loving, tortilla frying, wine guzzling, popcorn obsessed foodie mom went thirty whole days with NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO LEGUMES and NO ALCOHOL! I would like to say how hard it was and how I am stayed up till midnight to drink wine and eat popcorn, but that is not the case. It was challenging, but it wasn’t as “hard” as I thought it was going to be. I was able to get through my birthday, mother’s day, Greek Easter and 2 children’s birthdays, all while on Whole30!
The first two weeks were the “hardest” because my body had to detox all of the sugar, and I felt like I was STARVING……all the time!  I had headaches most mornings, but powered through with lots of black coffee. Once day 20 hit, I was finally feeling good and getting more energy.  I wasn’t as hangry at night like I was in the beginning.
The last week was obviously the easiest because I was kind repeating the motions. I knew what I could eat and it wasn’t so confusing trying to think about it all.  I also got a minor obsession with health food stores and finding new approved items. My good friend Jessica decided to start her Whole30 journey yesterday, and she is pregnant! It’s a prefect time to give up alcohol 😉
She was asking me tips and advice so I figured I would share it all with you as well.
1. It is all about planning as the book says. Plan your date and many of your meals. Plan to spend lots of time in the store to get accustomed to what you can have and what you can’t. Read the book!
2. Follow the rules but don’t obsess. Don’t think about all the things you can’t have, focus on the amazing healthy whole things that you can eat. For example, bacon! Another favorite of mine is prosciutto and melon.  Maybe there are some things you really enjoy but don’t buy often because they are too fatty or costly.  Now is the time to splurge on compliant items because you are saving a lot on all of the other things you cut out.
3. Do it with a spouse or buddy. I had my husband with me until day 24. It was much easier meal planning and shopping when I had someone supporting me. It was also good to have him hungry at night and headachie like I was..  On the other hand, it was really annoying trying to plan it all out for two people and be asked 500 times in the first week what he could eat or listen to him complain about the fact that he was hungry or wanted a beer. I told him to quit like 20 times because I didn’t want to hear it, but he kept on! By the time he ended his journey, I was in so deep that it didn’t phase me that he was drinking a beer or eating a ham and cheese sandwich in front of me. I am still thankful that he started with me!
4. It is worth it! Start your W30 planning how you will celebrate. We are going to one of the top 10 restaurants in Houston (Underbelly) to celebrate our wedding anniversary!  Plan your W30 with an end in sight, knowing that you WILL FINISH! Don’t go into it wondering how it will be, or if you can do it. Be positive, because it isn’t hard! I’m sure that you have done 500 things in your life that were HARD, this isn’t one of them!
I am so thankful that I started this journey and I am so thankful that I finished! I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food during this journey. I also learned so much about the food industry! My preggo friend starting W30 text me yesterday “WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE SUGAR?? Why does all of the bacon have sugar??” I laughed out loud sitting in the spray tan place because that is exactly what I thought and said.  It is just baffling to me how many things have gluten or sugar that you wouldn’t think! My stomach has also shrunk on the inside and I am eating much smaller portions which is great!
I love food and cooking, so taking this journey has really elevated my cooking skills because I wanted to make dishes that were comparable to things we were used to eating.
Going forward I am going to be paleoish.  I am going to have an occasional wine and popcorn at my every whim. On the other hand, I will not go back to all of the packages containing sugar, and luckily I never ate much gluten.  We ate pretty healthy and organic to begin with, but I am going to continue to look more carefully at labels.
I am so proud of my husband and I for doing this together and surviving, still being alive and married! This weekend is our wedding anniversary and I think that we have so much to celebrate! I am also thankful to my mom for giving up alcohol in solidarity with us during our journey.  I also have so many awesome friends and supporters that have called/texted/messaged me and offered words of encouragement and support! And finally, I am thankful to Sarah Z. for giving me the idea and answering my millions of texts/emails with tips and advice! I am excited that I get to be that person for my dear friend Jess on her whole30 pregnant journey!

Now for the before and after pictures. Please remember that I am a goofball and have not been comfortable sharing my half naked body for 4 years…..before kids I was all about it 😉 . I am by no means done. I have a lot of gym time to go, but this Whole30 was my jumping off point. My results are all dedicated to my diet because I did not go to the gym once!  I don’t like working out and really needed that extra self confidence to even put on my workout clothes and go.

I am down 12 lbs. and 2 pant sizes.
we wanted to do my after pics out by my garden which is an awesome source of whole foods!
If this working, crafting, gardening, food and alcohol loving mommy of 2 crazy toddlers can do it, so can you!
lily birthday - sierra whole30-139
Be sure to read my before Whole30 piece.  
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Whole30 Bacon Debate

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This week I stopped in our local Sprouts and found 2 kinds of Whole30 compliant bacon!! I decided to do a taste test to see which was better. The Pederson’s that we have been eating the whole time, or the new Garrett Valley that we found. We put both on a cooling rack over a baking sheet and in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes, let cool and did our taste test.  Both Bacons were really good, crispy and void of sugar.  They were both labeled to let everyone know that they were compliant.  The Garrett Valley was more smokey (from the dry rub) and a little more hearty.  My husband said it was more like a dinner bacon (bacon should be enjoyed at all meals).  The Pederson’s was a little more crispy and our favorite one for breakfast.

Jax could not wait for his brekkie so he got to snack on some strawberries from the garden.

Boy, oh boy!

Daddy made the kids some of our new Birch Benders Pancakes with Madhava Blueberry Agave Pancake syrup and they were very happy!! Daddy enjoyed his Siggi’s yogurt!  For my final Whole30 breakfast I enjoyed some lightly sautéed spinach, melon y prosciutto, 2 pieces of Pederson’s bacon and a perfectly fried egg with some pepper flakes.  It was amazing! I could eat this breakfast everyday!!
After breakfast we headed outback to check on our garden and play a little catch.  This is how my kids wanted to dress! My son has to have blankie and Lily wanted her hat and headband.  Having toddlers is like living in a tornado, I swear!!
Some of my sunflowers are starting to bloom, I am very excited.
To get ready for my post Whole30 photos tomorrow I headed off for a shellac manicure, spray tan and a blow out from my bestie! Having someone wash your hair is just the best feeling! I headed home for a yummy leftover taco salad with my Naked Infusions Salsa and Tessemae’s Ranch combined as dressing! Only one more meal before the big weigh in and pics!! I’m so excited! Even if I didn’t lose a pound, I am still very happy with the results! I’ll do a full blog tomorrow on all of my results and feelings about it!

Rosa-my beautiful hair stylist!

Dinner was great! My Whole30 version of Bangers and Mash with lots of roasted veggies and Pederson’s sausage.

He did a Whole24 and quit

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Yesterday was day 25 of my Whole30 and it started out great. We had our 3 year old’s first dance recital at and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. On the way to the recital I ate a Lara Bar and an Epic as though it was second nature. I feel like I am finally on the upswing of Whole30.

It took me a while for me to feel “all of the energy” and have “Tiger Blood” that I was promised. I have read that some people get the energy in the first week and I was really beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me or maybe it was all just hyped up and then it hit me on day 22! I woke up before my alarm clock and was up, showered and going before I knew what hit me. I watered garden, fed chickens and made coffee before anyone was up. I know that everyone is different and we all have different experiences but I’m glad that I stuck with it! I hope that people don’t quit their journey if they don’t meet certain goals by the time they think that they should. I think that is the main reason that we are not supposed to weigh ourselves. My husband was not having the same feelings about it all though.


T-Rex and plastic snakes guarding my beautiful veggies


When I first brought the Whole30 idea to my husband, I wasn’t sure if he was going to do it. I didn’t think that he would give up burgers, ranch and most importantly beer; but he did. He gave it all up to join me on my journey to refresh my body, to lose weight and to learn more about food. He gave it all up for 24 days.

Yesterday he came to me and asked if I would be mad if he quit. I told him that I would not be mad because it wasn’t my journey he was quitting, it was his. I am not mad that he quit at day 25, I am so proud that he made it this far! He has been amazingly supportive in helping meal plan, shoppping, cooking and even made me the most beautiful table and light setup to photograph our food!


They love the hardware store


My beautiful food photo booth

Hubby told me that he still wanted to support me and would continue to eat clean but really just wanted a beer. Luckily, my throat hurt and a beer was the last thing that sounded good to me. I dont want to make it sound like he is some drunk, he just really loves beer.  He loves the taste and spends a lot of time researching and studying to brew and taste good beer.

I’m also finally feeling pretty amazing (minus a small cold), and I’m a very stubborn person, so when I set my mind to something, I make it happen. There is no stopping this Whole30 train.  I have 5 more days to rock this! I have a great menu planned and we had so much fun as a family shopping and getting all of our goodies to go out with a bang.


I can’t wait until the Whole Foods near us start labeling items #Whole30approved! It sure is going to cut down on people’s shopping time and make it alot easier for everyone to find items that are more whole and a lot less sugary and gluteny.

I realize that I keep talking about Whole30 like something that will end and be done, but that is not the case. I will never be going back to my old way of eating. There is no way I could go back, after knowing what I know and feeling the way that I feel. I am excited to have a glass of wine and eat some popcorn, but this girl is staying clean! I am also very excited to weigh myself and see the results in numbers and not just how I feel. The countdown is on!! Now off to the kitchen to make some yummy burgers on some eggplant buns 🙂

Oh and BTW he is NOT a happy camper today with his choice to drink last night!!!

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Peace, Love and Good food!

Chicken Wing Cinco de No Drinko with Shishito Peppers

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My husband is constantly craving something….burgers, sushi, and more often than not, something Fried! When going through the cookbooks, I declared that I wanted some chicken wings! We agreed on chicken wings and bacon brussels and made our shopping list (as previously mentioned, Whole30 is all about planning).

You know you’re on the Whole 30 when you come home with a wine box and NO WINE! 🙁  I was so excited to see that the HEB near us had Avacado Oil and Tessemae’s dessings! I already tried Trader Joe’s and they really let me down.  No AVO oil, and not one package of bacon without sugar.  HEB didn’t have any sugarless bacon either but they redeemed themselves with all of my other goodies.

Trader Joe’s was lacking on some of my condiments and bacon but they did come through with my beloved Shishito Peppers!! They quit carrying them for a while, so I might have peed a little when I saw them back.  We tossed them in duck fat, salt and pepper and roasted at 425 degrees for 10 minutes. We dipped them in Coconut Aminos and man they were good, well the non spicy ones at least.  I have the best hubby because he takes a little bite to test for spiciness and then either gives me the normal ones or eats the spicy ones.  These were the perfect app while we waited for our chicken wings and brussels.

Cut and cleaned brussels tossed in duckfat, salt and pepper. I also added some dates wrapped in prosciutto and some chopped prosciutto. I pealed off the extra leaves to crisp up.

Crispy brussel sprout leaves are delish and way better than fattening chips! 😉

Hub roasted the chicken wings at 425 degrees for 25 minutes.

I made the most amazing sweet, savory and spicy sauce to toss my wings in.

Sierra’s Bomb Wing Sauce

3 dates pitted

1/4 cup Coconut Aminos

2 Tbsp Ghee

2 tsp Fish Sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

2 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp fresh grated ginger

3 Tbsp Frank’s Red Hot (more if you prefer spicier)

Salt and Pepper


I put all of the ingredients into the Vitamix and then tossed on the hot wings. I garnished with fresh scallions, sesame seeds and chopped cashews.  I also had a side dipper bowl with some homemade mayo (which we store in an old Frank’s hot sauce bottle) and Franks! This sauce is going to be amazing on some spring rolls when whole30 is over!

The hubby just mixed his Tears of Joy hot sauce with our homemade mayo for his! He was very happy with my craving! It might have been Cinco de Mayo and we might have been sober and not eating nachos, but we were still winners with 2 sleeping toddlers, Shishito peppers and prosciutto brussels!!

Dirty finger hubby.

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Ceviche Whole30

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I make a great Zucchini Squash salsa that was just featured on Clean Eating Mommy (you can also see a great way I cut the zucchini) and in the recipe I talk about modifying it to make Ceviche. This week for Taco Tuesday my seafood loving husband proclaimed that he wanted to add it to our fish tacos! This was actually a big win for me because it meant he had actually read my blog, which is exciting because most of my family overlooks it :/  He also created and manages my beautiful website, so I am glad to see that he is finally reading it….guess I better stop talking smack about him 😉 just kidding.

Anyways, here is my yummy  Whole30 approved Ceviche recipe, just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

10 large limes juiced (you want about 2 cups)
1/3 white onion finely chopped
3 cloves garlic minced
1 whole jalapeno (minus seeds and pith) minced (use Serano chili if you prefer spicier)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1 Lb pealed and chopped WILD CAUGHT shrimp
1 Cup chopped fresh cilantro
1 carrot small diced (1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 inch)
1 zucchini small diced
1 summer squash small diced
2 tomatillos small diced
2 tomatoes small diced

Season with salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together and let marinate for about an hour.  The shrimp should be cooked in that time but all flavors will just continue to meld the longer it sits.  We are going to have some leftovers with breakfast this morning 🙂

This is great on tacos or served with plantain chips if you are doing the Whole30.  It is also great with some tortilla chips and a margarita (click for amazing recipe) if you are not Whole30 🙂  My shrimp loving kids give this recipe 4 thumbs up! You could take away the shrimp and reduce the amount of lime to just have a yummy salsa also!!

Be sure to check out my posts on what the Whole30 is if you don’t know, or are interested in a healthy cleaner life that I’m not asking you to buy anything from me to get.

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Have a yummy day!