Girly dinosaur birthday party

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Our little girl was about to turn 3 and we asked her what kind of party she wanted. She told us she wanted dinosaurs. We thought that wasn’t a very girly party so we waited and asked again a week later. Our sassy little threenager said, “mommy, I told you. I want dinosaurs”. She then reminded me that her favorite color was orange and that she wanted an orange dinosaur party. Time to get planning. I went on Etsy and found @rocketliv who made the cutest invite. She worked really well with me being a control freak and wanting lots of changes.

It came out perfect and I smudged the address and number so all the creeparazzi on the internet don’t show up at my door 😉

On the day of her party she looked perfect in her orange birthday outfit sitting with her boyfriend Robby.

The food was all fun dinosaur and orange themed foods.

Thanks to Pinterest and my amazing mother in law for our T-Rex fruit!

I found some awesome sandwich cutters that have been a big hit.  My kids weren’t big sandwich eaters until they were cut into cool things like dinosaurs! I did ham & cheese and turkey & cheese.  My neighbor told me I didn’t even need mayo, and she was right. The kids scarfed them up. She also helped me put these together the night before over some libations 😉 I also save the edges and scraps of sandwich to chop, add with eggs and spices for a yummy breakfast casserole for everyone getting ready before the party. It was perfect!

Lily’s auntie RoRo makes the best queso so we included that in the volcano. I also had homemade turkey chili and all the fixings for nachos.

The light on the banners was terrible but it said Happy Birthday Lily and there was a big head and T-Rex tail at the top thanks to my longtime bestie Caitlin, who flew in for the event. The banners were all done by hand using my Cricut machine.  I created Green Triangles and then added gold vinyl for the letters. I strung it together with orange hemp string.

lbday table


lily bday banners

For her birthday we decided to get her a bounce house, instead of spending a similar amount of money to just rent one.  I did lots of research and found the best deal on Amazon.

Another huge hit of the party was the Dino Dig. I go a big plastic pool and filled it with sand, plastic dinosaur fossils, and little shovels. We put it out in the yard, covered with the neighbor’s pop up tent and surrounded with chairs for the adults. It was a popular spot for the kids. It baffles me how much kids love a sand box. I think its pretty gross and don’t get the excitement, but kids love it. My kids have continued to love it since!

sand box


The kid’s Gigi also got Jax a super cute dinosaur outfit to wear! 

HEB did amazing on the cake!! I called and talked to the main decorator. I explained that I didn’t need to spend $150 on some over the top cake but wanted more than a $30 sheet cake.  He went above and beyond to give this little girl the perfect dinosaur cake that didn’t break the bank.  It was perfect! I love our HEB.

Seeing this big smile on a very happy little girl made all the planning and crafting worth it….who am I kidding, I love crafting!!

I realized that I forgot to get pictures of the kids treat bags.  I am not a big candy person so I had sunglasses, dinosaur stamps, dinosaur gummies, some plastic dinosaurs, I made all the kid’s names in vinyl for them to use on their lunchbox or something, I also ordered some dinosaur masks (but realized not enough) and I did put a couple of orange candies. I ordered most from Amazon but did get the candies and a few things at Party Warehouse and the gummies at HEB. I spent a good month planning and organizing for the party so that I wasn’t frantic at the last minute!

Everyone was very tired and ready for some snuggle time after the party. The kids had so much fun with their Titi Caitlin! Hurry back!

Cook-Create-Consume! 🙂